Have You Considered a Membrane Roof for Your Business?

Have You Considered a Membrane Roof for Your Business?

Membrane roofs are one of the most popular options for roofing materials in the past 30 or so years. These roofs are designed specifically to handle the harsh punishment the sun delivers 365 days a year with style, grace, and the same good looks they have had all along. Seriously, when compared to built up roofs and many other commercial roofing options they do look pretty good.

As the popularity of membrane roofs grows, so do the options available for businesses that are considering these rubber roofing  systems. The selection has improved over the years by leaps and bounds as well as the availability of these roofs and roofing contractors that are qualified to handle their installation.

This roofing system provides you with plenty of options when it comes to gable roof. Despite what some top roofing contractors  will try to convince you these types of roofs are available for quite a few commercial roofs. If you want something special or you have very specific architectural requirements for your gable roof house designs, tpo roofing  may not be the perfect solution for you. However, if you are interested in a roof that is built to last, can withstand the curve balls that Mother Nature likes to throw its way, or that is resistant to the ravages of water and fire, then epdm rubber roofing or  membrane roofs are a good choice.

In general there are three types of membrane roofs: synthetic rubber (also referred to as Thermoset), thermoplastic membrane, and modified bitumen. There are many benefits this type of roof has to offer over the standard asphalt roofing systems that have been more common for flat roofs in the past. The first benefit is that these roofing systems tend to seal quite nicely so that there are fewer leaks near seams or joints in the roof. Second, because there are no seams in this type of roof there is no pulling apart at the seams. Fewer leaks occur later in the life cycle of the roof as a result.

Finally, most membrane roofs have a reflective coating that bounces the damaging rays of the sun away from the building rather than absorbing them into the building. This helps you in two ways. First, it extends the life expectancy of the roof because it isn’t damaged by the sun’s rays. Second, it helps keep the costs of cooling the building down. Over the life of the roof, it is quite possible that the utility savings alone will cover the cost of the membrane roof.

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