Do You Really Need a Replacement Roof?

Do You Really Need a Replacement Roof?

One of the first questions that comes to mind when roofing problems begin to appear is do you really need a roof replacement or can you stretch a few more years of life out of your existing roof without any roof repair ? Depending on the individual circumstances the answer could go either way. The real question you should be asking when you do flat roof replacement or replacing roof shingles is what can I do to maximize the lifespan of this new roof so that I’m not into this roof replacement all too soon?

In most cases, when problems first begin appearing with your existing roof you may be able to work a few more years into the equation by roof flashing repair ,roof repair,flat roof repair , metal roof repair etc. This will depend largely on the overall condition of the roof. You can have a few problem areas such as leaking roof  while the remainder of the roof is in no need of house roof repair. Of course you could have a roof that is in a total state of roof repair . The best way to have yourself in a position to prolong the life of your roof and limp along with inexpensive roof repair via roofing contractors  for a few years is to pay close attention to providing regular maintenance to your roofing structure.

If the roof is in bad shape all around, has been repaired, lifted, and carried along for the past several years, or has many problems that could jeopardize the physical soundness of the entire roofing structure it is worth considering replacement before further damage is done.

A roof replacement is rarely an attractive solutionin terms of roof replacement costwhich is like new roof construction. No one likes to spend money on a new roof. The alternative though is that you wait until the problems are nearly insurmountable and face even greater expenses to fix extensive damage not only to the roofing structure but also the integrity of the building the roof was supposed to be protecting. In other words, while it may hurt a lot to replace the roof it hurts a lot worse than it will to replace the entire support system for the roof along with the roofing system once you have oof replacement estimate by reaching  roofing companies.

If you still have doubts, you can always get a second opinion. It helps if you have a service provided by roofing companies that performs routine maintenance and inspections for your roof. Whenever you can find a service that does this with no vested interest in selling you a new roof you are usually in a better position to trust the general consensus. If you ever doubt the recommendation don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion. If you have two consultations that are both suggesting a new roof it might be worth a listen.

We all understand the pain of roof replacement. We also understand that there is only so much life you can squeeze out of your existing roof. When the time comes, replace your existing roof with one that is designed to deliver long life.


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